JLinker Menu Link Generator

Download the mass menu link generator for Joomla. The zip file contains the files for Joomla 3.x. and are installable in the standard Joomla way. This free extension will allow you to mass generate links for Joomla content and Joomla categories. Never spend time again creating menu links in Joomla! 

* How to generate links for Joomla menus
For information on how to use, please read the JLinker Menu Generator User Guide

* More advanced features
Please have a look at JLinker Menu Link Generator Pro
More than generating standard links for Joomla 3.x, JLinker Menu Link Generator Pro gives you a complete control over the structure of the data created. It will allow you to generate links for other Joomla extensions, bulk update your menu links, but also offers exclusive features like link alias and link title pattern control.



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