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Joomla 3.x


Mass generate and manage data foor Joomla and compatible extensions menu links

JLinker Menu Generator Pro is the advanced version of the free Joomla Menu Link Generator.
The Pro version works just like the free one does. It allows you to mass generate menu links for Joomla articles and categories, but also offers the following features in addition:

Mass menu generator for Joomla and extensions

JLinker Menu Generator Pro allows you to generate links for the following Joomla core entities and Joomla extensions entities.
Each extension of the generator is named after the entities it can generate Joomla menu links for:

Joomla Weblinks K2 Content Virtuemart Content JDownloads Content
Joomla Contacts K2 Tags Virtuemart Manufacturers Phoca Download Content
Joomla Newsfeeds K2 User Pages Community Builder Users  

All these extensions for JLinker Menu Generator Pro will be available in the package when you download your purchase.

Bulk Menu Updater

The purpose of this feature is to work faster when managing Joomla menu links. Manage all parameters of your existing menu links in a few clics, from one place. Instead of opening the edit page for every single link you want to modify, you can update all of them in one go and save in one click.

Meta data generator

Along with the possibility to quickly update your Joomla menu links from one place, JLinker Menu Link Generator Pro includes a meta keywords and a meta descriptions generator. Instead of spending hours writing metadata for each Joomla menu link, this feature only requires one click to create meta content for all your links.

This will help you get your website links ready in a few minutes, rather than a few hours. Once the meta data has been generated, you can still use the menu updater to customize any specific content. The meta data will use the target content in order to extract relevant words for the meta keywords and descriptions.

Title and alias pattern control

This unique feature will mass create titles and aliases for your links, using alias pattern tokens. For example, if you want all you aliases to include the creation date, the item id and the title of the content and start with "my-site", you could use the following pattern:


JLinker Menu Link Generator Pro can use almost all the fields available in the content database table in order to create link patterns. This will give you a high level of control on how your links should be generated.

Duplicate aliases management

Joomla doesn't like duplicate aliases. It's bad for SEO and creates inconsistency in the system.
With the fee version of the generator, you still have to make sure every alias you create is unique. The free version highlights all duplicate aliases found, but you have to modify them manually in order to make them unique.

If you don't, the extension will simply ignore the link to create. It's a Joomla constraint.
JLinker Menu Link Generator Pro goes another way. When a duplicate alias is found during the menu link generation process, the duplicate alias is automatically incremented. The result is that you will never have to worry about duplicate aliases, as they will always be unique.

Generate content for other extensions

JLinker Menu Generator Pro allows you to generate menu links for Joomla articles and categories, just like the free version. But in addition, you can also create content for K2, Virtuemart, Community Builder, JDownloads and Phoca Downloads. Many more Joomla extensions will soon be compatible with JLinker Menu Generator Pro.

Log history

JLinker Menu Link Generator Pro creates a log history when you generate menu links in bulk for Joomla. For each link, you can then trace the events and know exactly what happened during the creation process. If a link has generated an error or has been ignored for a reason, the information will be available in the log history. A successfuly created menu link also leaves a trace in the log history.

Ajax interface for the generator

Unlike the free version, JLinker Menu Link Generator Pro will display a progress bar when generating the content. Because there is no page reload, you will be ready faster for the next set of links to generate into a Joomla menu.
More productivity, more efficiency. It's a major gain of time when you have to build big sites with a lot of links and content.