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JLinker Flexslider Virtuemart

jlinker flexslider virtuemart

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Joomla 3.x


JLinker Flexslider for Virtuemart

Get JLinker FLeslider Virtuemart for Joomla 3. This extension will allow you to quickly display Virtuemart products using the great Flexslider jQuery plugin. Install as a Joomla module, and access tens of parameters that give you full control over the look and feel of your products display slideshow.

JLinker Flex slider for Virtuemart will work out of the box. However, there are advanced parameters available in order to modify the appearance of your slideshow:

Fields order

The order in which the Virtuemart fields (product name, price, rating, availability, descriptions, add-to-cart button...should appear in the slideshow.

Filter parameters

  • Categories: virtuemart category
  • Display group: All, Featured, Latest, Random, Best sales, recent
  • Product IDS: specify Virtuemart product IDs to display

Slideshow parameters

  • Max items: number of products to display
  • Show add to cart: Yes/No
  • Link item to page: Yes/No
  • Show title: Yes/No
  • Show rating: Yes/No
  • Show availability: Yes/No
  • Control dots: Yes/No
  • Direction arrows: Yes/No
  • Show thumbnails: Yes/No
  • Show price: Yes/No
  • Text alignment: Left/Center/Right

Description parameters

  • Show short description: Yes/No
  • Short desc max: maximum number of words
  • Short desc ellipsis: character to display as an ellipsis
  • Show full description: Yes/No
  • Full desc max: maximum number of words
  • Full desc ellipsis: character to display as an ellipsis
  • Run content plugins: Yes/No

These are only a few examples of configuration parameters available. For more parameters including animation, CSS and positioning control, please have a look at the live demo or at the documentation.