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Joomla 3.x


JLinker Demo Instance allows you to dynamically generate Joomla demo sites. 

JLinker Demo Instance includes a Joomla plugin and a Joomla component.
The purpose of this extension is to easily generate Joomla demo Instances for your users.

Let's suppose you have created a Joomla extension, and you want your visitors to be able to test it on a Joomla demo website.
All you have to do is install a separate Joomla website they can access with a user name and a password.

The problem is that if many users are testing the same features at the same time, they probably won't have the best experience.
User and data collisions are almost guaranteed to occur in most of the cases.

The best solution is a private demo

JLinker Demo Instance overcomes this issue by literally generating a private demo on the fly for each user.
If needed, the testing user is automatically connected and won't have to type a user name and a password.

No more user or data collision, and your visitors will be sure to have the best experience on their private Joomla instance. JLinker Demo Instance allows you to easily block the access to each page you don't want your testers to see.

If the user tries to access a restricted zone on his instance, he will smoothly be redirected to the previous page and be informed of the restriction.

JLinker Demo Instance is entirely secured and the created instances are temporary. The tables are automatically deleted after a time you've defined in the component configuration screen. For an optimal process the exension doesn't duplicate the Joomla files of your demo install, but will generate database tables for each instance created.

* Here are some of the key parameters you can adjust for your demo instances:
- Demo type: backend/frontend
- Auto connect user: yes/no
- Redirect user: where to redirect once the instance has been created
- Restrictions: include the components (pages) the users can access or exclude the restricted ones
- Required email: should the user provide an email in order to access the demo

For more features, please have a look at the JLinker Demo Instance User Guide