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  1. Admin Vertical Menu

    New Style For Joomla Back End Admin Menu.

    This is Simple Module that change your Joomla admin menu in left side. It's very beautiful and very easy to use. This is left side collapse menu. New way to use Joomla admin menu like wodrpress.


    **★ Custom Colors

    The module at your won color as you want. Just select from backend.

    **★ Display Icon

    Individually display fa icon with Menu Title.

    **★ Basic Settings

    This module is very easy to Control. 

    **★ Light Weight

    This extension is very light. Efficiently coded. Never tax your site loading time.

    **★ Fully Responsive

    This extension is very light and fully responsive enough to be compatible with any device.

    **★ Style Match With Your Template

    You have control to style-match with your Joomla template by background color.

    ✪ Changelog

    Version Date    Change
        1.0 24/05/2017  * Initial release

    ✪ FAQ

    ↪ Can I publish the menu?

    First of all in administrator module search with "menu" keyword then disable Admin Menu. Now publish Admin vertical Menu in "menu" position. 

    ↪ How can I hide the menu (If I need)?

    Just click the collapse icon on menu right.

    ↪ Dose it support all browser?

    It's support all the major browser. But in mozilla firefox the scrollbar is default.

    ✪ Live Preview

    ✪ Video Demo

    ✪ Happiness Guaranteed: 30 Days Money Back Refund Policy

  2. Facebook Advanced Widget

    Facebook TimeLine, Event and Message in Module Position On Joomla Site. Smart & Fast

    Facebook Advanced Widget Module is an easy implementation of the popular Facebook TimeLine, Event and Message as a module for Joomla. It saves you time, coding and enables quick integration into any of your Joomla site. Our product supports Latest version of Joomla. It uses official Facebook social plugin.


    ★ Display likes & Fans

    Displays Your Facebook Likes, Fans & Followers

    ★ Supported Plugins

     Facebook Timeline, Facebook Event, Facebook Message, Facebook Language

    ★ Customization Options

    This Module has Attractive Animation Option.

    ★ Light Weight

    The plugin is very light weight and thus fast to load without compromising site speed

    ★ Responsive and Interactive Design

    This extension is super responsive compatible with different devices.

    ★ Extensive Backend Settings

    There are enough settings available to configure this module. You have control to display cover photo Size, Like Friends, profile picture and others.

    ✪ Changelog

    Version Date    Change
        1.0 02/04/2017  * Initial release

    ✪ FAQ

    ↪ Which facebook plugin does it support?

    It support facebook page likebox, facebook Timeline, facebook Event, facebook Message plugin.

    ↪ Can I change the color?

    No, You can not change the color up to now. In future version we can add option color.

    ↪ Is the position fix?

    NO, You can publish any module position of your site.

    ✪ Live Preview

    ✪ Video Demo

    ✪ Happiness Guaranteed: 30 Days Money Back Refund Policy

  3. AgGPXTrack


    The Aggpxtrack plugin provides a custom field.
    This field offers the possibility to copy a track as a GPX file to the web server. In the frontend, this track is displayed on an Openstreetmap map. If you like hiking or cycling and want to show your routes in an article, you can do this with this custom field.
    The installation of the plugin takes place via the Joomla! Installer.
    After the installation, the plugin is initially unpublished. It can only be used after publishing.
    It is also necessary to allow the upload of GPX files with the MIME type application/xml in the options of the Media Manager.
    An update is possible if the secret word is entered in the component and the installer plugin is activated.
    The plugin uses leaflet. Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps.

  4. JO WhatsApp Contact Button

    JO WhatsApp Contact Button is a Joomla module which can create chat with you at WhatsApp. It is very simple to use and adaptive to any Joomla 2.5, 3.x website.
    Now your visitors / readers / customers can chat with you at WhatsApp, directly from your page / blog / store to the mobile!! No need to add your mobile phone number to the mobile address book.
    An online chat system provides visitors / readers / customers immediate access to help. Wait times are often much less than a call center, and visitors / readers / customers can easily multi-task while waiting.
    This module allows you to create an unlimited number of WhatsApp chat buttons, highly configurable, to show it in different parts of your site to chat with your visitors / readers through WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app.
    Vital module for your site, which allows you to create stronger relationships with your visitors / readers by guiding and advising them in real time.

    - Worked fine on joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x.
    - You can display the block in multiple positions and places: in homepage, frontpage, page, post, checkout, customer account etc.! Configure where do you want to display it.
    - You can define a different phone number for each button. For example: you can define a number for after sales support, another number for questions about your catalogue and show it only at product page, another number for checkout process support and show it only at checkout page, etc.
    - It opens WhatsApp app automatically, both PC and mobile!.
    - Your visitor / reader / customer don’t need to add your mobile phone number to the mobile address book. The chat will be opened automatically with your phone number, even in desktop and in mobile.
    - Answer chats from WhatsApp web and from your mobile device.
    - Adaptive and responsive design (RWD), valid for all resolutions of your computer and mobile device.
    - Compatible with all web browsers.
    - Compatible with mobile.
    - Works with any theme.
    - Change color button.
    - Change color icon.
    - Simple and Friendly user interface.
    - Ease to use.
    - 5 animation effects.

  5. Custom Fields CK

    Custom Fields CK is a field that displays any Joomla! field in a nice way with a lot of custom styles without any required CSS knowledge.


    - Can load any Joomla! field published in your website
    - Styles CSS : gradient, border-radius, shadow, borders, margins, background
    - Custom text (color, size, etc) with any Google fonts
    - No CSS knowledge required
    - Can be used with any template
    - More than 30 design presets included
    - Can use the same style for multiple fields
    - Improved media manager with fast image selection and direct upload with drag and drop
    - Import / Export of your styles to share them or save them
    - Nice interface with direct preview
    - Can style individual fields or a group of fields
  6. Options Manager Lite

    With Options Manager Lite you can re-use all your Component settings on your new Joomla sites.

    Options Manager Lite supports:

    • Backup Options for single Component
    • Export Options for single Component**
    • Import Options for single Component**
    • Menu Item Checker

    It can even export the license keys of components like Akeeba Backup and JCE editor so you can easily reuse them at your other sites!

    How do you configure the Options in your new Joomla Sites?

    Do you still configure them manually?
    Joomla displays Articles by default with Author + Category + Date + Hits. I don't like that and switch it off via Content > Articles > [Options]. Always. I have been doing so for every site since 2005. Over-and-over again.

    Use Options Manager to save time!

    Because I hated the "over-and-over again" part, I developed a tool to easily Export and Import those** Options**. For all Joomla + 3rd party Components that support Joomla's Options.

    How are your Menu Item Options configured?

    Joomla! allows the configuration of Global Options for installed Extensions, as well as individual modification of these Options on a per-menu basis.

    Over time, it can be difficult to recall what settings are Global and what is per-menu – and to figure out how something has been configured can be tedious! You must go back into Options via each Extension or via Global Configuration, and then check relevant menu items to see if there is a modification or not.

    Developed for Joomla website builders and administrators.

    No more tedious clicking on Options.
    No more unexplainable Menu Item issues.
    = Save Time!

    Free version has limited functionality

    Options Manager Lite is a free version of the commercial version of Options Manager. It has limited functionality and does not have a batch import/export. Nor does it support Plugin Options, Module Options, and Template Style Options like the commercial version does.

  7. Better Trash

    Better Trash - a better trash button in Joomla!

    Better Trash improves the functionality of the default Trash button.

    Using Better Trash you will need less clicks to view and permanently delete trashed items.

    In Joomla, when you want to view the trashed items, you need to open the Search Tools and set the Status selection to Trashed.
    Then to delete all the trashed items, you need to select all items and click on the Empty Trash button.

    With Better Trash this becomes a lot simpler!

    Want to view the trashed items? Just click on the Trash button (without selecting any items).

    Want to delete all trashed items in that view? Just click on the Empty Trash button (without selecting any items).

    How to use it:

  8. Ecommerce Tracking Yandex Metrika for VirtueMart

    This is a plugin for the VirtueMart component - e-commerce Yandex Metrics

    Thanks to this plugin, you can track the actions related to e-commerce in Yandex Metrics

    The plugin is installed via the standard Extension Manager: Installing Joomla in CMS

    After installing the plugin, specify in the plugin settings the counter number from Yandex Metrics and the name of your store. Enable the plugin.

    Transmitted data in Yandex Metric:

    detail - (A view of product details)
    add - (Adding items to the cart - What items have been added to the cart by the buyer)
    remove - (Removal of goods from the shopping cart by the buyer)
    purchase - (The sale of one or more products - of transaction information)
    coupon - (Promotional code information - discount coupons for transaction)

  9. Easy Facebook Embedded Posts

    This Joomla! module allows you to add a facebook posts on your website, Embedded Posts are a simple way to put public posts - by a Page or a person on Facebook - into the content of your web site or web page. Only public posts from Facebook Pages and profiles can be embedded.


    • Ability to add multiple posts
    • Support Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3
    • Include Full Post
    • Display posts in columns
    • Choose API Language
    • Support Joomla! Update System
    • Fully documented Module
    • No Powered By Footer Link
  10. Hikashare for Hikashop

    This responsive content plugin for Hikashop and Joomla articles can show (at the top or bottom of the product description and in the 'Add to cart' area), social sharing features from FACEBOOK (like, recommend , share, send , comment) (iframe or HTML5), LINKEDIN, TWITTER, GOOGLE PLUS, PINTEREST, STUBLEUPON, REDDIT, TUMBLR, ADDTOANY , WHATSAPP, MIXI , QRCODE. It is multilingual. It includes all the required product or article related OpenGraph tags such as og:type, og:url, og:site_name , og:description, og:image etc... It includes the Selection Sharer feature ! It installs via the regular Joomla installer.

    Can be set in 3 different locations:
    - Addtocart area
    - Top of description
    - Bottom of description

    • Various styling options: classic (grey), branded or inverted (black)
    • Various sizes: small medium large
    • Icon only or Icon + Text
    • New services: stumbleupon, reddit , tumblr , Addtoany
    • Selection sharer for Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and Email
  11. JaM Contact

    JaM Contact **this is Ajax Contact** module for Joomla.

    The module support version of Joomla CMS 3.x .

    - Ajax Form (no refresh)
    - Unlimited number of Contact forms
    - Separate email for each form
    - Captcha spam protection
    - Advanced spam protection
    - Validator
    - Loading indicator
    - Easy to use
    - and more...

  12. FavSlider Pro

    FAVSLIDER PRO is a responsive Joomla! slideshow with multiple image and caption layouts, CSS3 effects, video support, 24 slides per module and optional HikaShop compatiblity.

  13. InstAholic Lite

    InstAholic Lite v3.0.0 is now available and FREE!

    With the increasing popularity of Instagram and now that their latest API has settled in, I'm bringing back InstAholic Lite. It's based on the jQuery script written by Michael Lynch and I've added a number of extra goodies. With the change in the new Instagram API you can no longer display images from hash tags or key search words (as was allowed in the past). Just a single Username feed based on the Access Token (required) you provide.

    Change log:
    Current release v3.0.0

    InstAholic Lite Module Options

    General Settings:
    Instagram Access Token: (REQUIRED) Click onto this LINK to read how to obtain your Instagram Access Token.
    Show Header Data?: Yes/No
    Custom header data: If above is 'Yes' you can type in your custom header data (Optional).
    Instagram username: If above is 'Yes' you can type in your Instagram Username that will link back to your Instagram account (Optional).
    Lightbox Instagram images?: Yes/No - If 'Yes', images will open inside a lightbox when clicked.
    Image resolution: Standard resolution or Squared resolution. If you choose Squared resolution the max image size is 360px by 360px. This is an Instagram restriction.
    Image ratio size: Adjust lower (in pixel format) to have more images across each row on page load. Adjust higher (in pixel format) to show fewer images across each row on page load.
    Margin gap between images: Adjust (in pixel format) left/right & top/bottom spacing you want between your images.
    Images on page load?: Number of Instagram images & data to show on page load. Max=20 (this is an Instagram restriction).
    Show Instagram videos?: Yes/No.
    Show posted date: Yes/No.
    Custom text before date: Enter text that will show before your posted date (Optional).
    Show captions?: Yes/No.
    Show cation scroll bar?: Yes/No.
    Height of caption bar?: Adjust (in pixel format) the max height allowed for your caption area.
    Caption text color: The color you want for your caption data to be.
    Text color on hover: The color you want for your hashtags and links data to be.
    Container font size: The font size you want for your caption data to be.
    Background color: The color you want for your caption data to be.
    Show Likes & Comments count?: Yes/No.

    Lightbox Settings:
    Load Lightbox Script?: Yes/No. InstAholic Lite is using the Fancybox 2 lightbox script. If you are using another extension that is also using Fancybox, you'll wnat to turn this setting to NO.
    Lightbox max width: The max pixel width of the lightbox
    Lightbox max height: The max pixel height of the lightbox
    Lightbox width percentage: The width percentage of the lightbox. Note: 100% will equal the max pixel width setting above.
    Lightbox height percentage: The height percentage of the lightbox. Note: 100% will equal the max pixel height setting above.
    Lightbox effects: None, Fade or Elastic

  14. WS-iCloud Calendar

    WS-iCloud Calendar is a simple but extremely powerfull Joomla Calendar Extension as Module. The Main Source is the iCloud Calendar, but it's also possible to use Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar with the iCloud Addon.

    We have also checked a lot of Calendar Extensions for Joomla for our Projects and Clients but haven't found a Module that was easy to use and not bloated with 100 of unneeded Features that make a Extension to complex to manage. So we have decided to build our own, simple to use and setup takes only 2 minutes.

    • works perfect with iCloud Calendar (iCal in past)
    • works with Google Calendar
    • Easy to setup, simple Joomla Module, works with every Template

    And many many other Features! Please check the Detail Page for more Informations

  15. JomCRM

    JomCRM is a Customer Relationship Management software, Use JomCRM to execute marketing programs, grow sales, retain customers, run customer support organizations, and manage customer information databases.

    We offer a professionnal CRM which delivers the safest security measures, JomCRM employ the safest security ways when storing and processing data, The code is written securely with height quality of programming which protect your data from all attacks. Our focus is developing softwares to enhance open source technologies like Joomla!.

    Features :

    ★ Project Reporting in order to check on project activity, You can easily view completed tasks and events by timeframe, and by project.
    ★ Tasks can be created and associated with each milestone within the project, so you have more granular control
    ★ Add files and notes to any project so you can keep track of any documents associated with a project.
    ★ Flexible parameters settings offers an easy way to configure your CRM
    ★ Time Zone Configuration : You can set your time zone by selecting your location.
    ★ Language files to translate the component to other languages
    ★ Compatible with Joomla! SEO URL rewriting
    ★ W3C compliant code validation
    ★ MVC structure follow
    ★ No link to the developer
    ★ No extra coding required

  16. wbAMP

    wbAMP automatically creates and advertises to search engines an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of your web site content. wbAMP will let you convert Joomla articles and categories, as well as multiple other components.It uses a powerful and custom made conversion engine directly derived from the original AMP specification and validation file, meaning you are sure to have valid AMP pages, regardless of the extensions you are using on your site.

    wbAMP is the first AMP extension for Joomla! released, and was awarded the "Innovation of the year" J.O.S.C.A.R. at JAndBeyond 2016.

    Main features:
    - Updated to latest AMP specification
    - Whitelist based AMP validation, more efficient and reliable
    - Automatic Joomla contact page conversion and operation on AMP pages
    - Support for custom forms
    - Support for DISQUS comments
    - Automatic Joomla com_content and K2 meta data
    - Automatic menus, footer, header
    - AMP User notifications ("cookies law")
    - Color and styles customization through the admin with point and click, no need to write CSS
    - Color themes available from 3rd-parties
    - Use only Joomla JLayouts for output: each and every part of a page can be overriden in the template
    - Simple content tags to show content only on AMP, or only on standard pages
    - Include modules
    - Automatic social media elements conversion (tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos,...)
    - Build AMP slideshows
    - Social sharing buttons: multiple positions, and anywhere in your content with tags
    - Full Google Analytics and Google Tags Manager support
    - Analytics events tracking: click, scroll, time,...
    - Choose plugins to disable on AMP pages
    - Automatically remove tags from common plugins: all Regular Labs plugins, RSForms, ChronoForms, WidgetKit, Simple Image Gallery, Phoca Gallery
    - Unique Standalone mode, for AMP-only sites
    - Support for any Advert format accepted by AMP: multiple positions, and anywhere in your content with tags
    - Force AMP for mobile, or mobile+Tablets visitors
    - Detailed documentation
    - Warnings in case of misconfiguration
    - Available in 9 languages (see FAQ on site)

  17. JUN Social Youtube

    Team Joomlasun proudly presents our latest JUN Social Youtube. Our high quality tool will be a great addition for bloggers, companies and anyone else who strives to attract audience on his html website. You will get 100+ adjustable parameters for detailed customization. It is fully responsive so your audience will be able to enjoy videos from any browsing device.

    Highlight feature:

    • Support Joomla 3.x

    • 4 stunning pre-set theme styles

    • 16 languages support

    • Display in horizontal or vertical layout

    • Custom style available

    • Color picker supported

    • Running image slideshow

      • Full responsive with all devices
    • Flexible Configuration

    • Beautiful lightbox display support

    • Easy customization with custom css

  18. Borggique

    This extension allows you to make your images divided into as many pieces as you like which shall be positioned randomly, then automatically each piece shall find its proper position within the time that you assign. Each image is located on a dimension of a dynamic cube (Borg).

  19. Events articles

    Transforms Joomla articles into events with additional fields for the date, the location and a short description of the event.

    A new event tab in articles of Joomla with two lines for the date, two lines for the location and a short description of the event. Very simple, but enough in a lot of cases ! Display the events in articles, archived articles, featured articles, category blog... with or without icons, before or after the title, before or after the content and much more... The module allows an interactive navigation between articles selected from one or more categories of Joomla. Displaying of events with or without icons, before or after the title, before or after the content and much more...

  20. Unified Factory Widget

    Unified Factory Widget is Joomla Module to provide functionality of Unified Factory Service as part of you web page.

    With Widget and Unified Factory Service you can use chat, voice and mail communication channel with your customers.

    To use the widget you need account in Unified Factory Service which has free version.

  21. vWishlist

    vWishlist is a unique extension for Virtuemart in which user can add their Favorite or like Product to their wishlist. user can also save their product in wishlist when product is out of stock so, user open their wishlist and buy their product after product is in stock. No need to browse full site.

    Features List

    • No hack. Native Joomla component, plugin and module.
    • MVC pattern.
    • User can add favorite or like Product in their wishlist.
    • Add to cart functionality by wishlist view.
    • User can also delete their Product From their Wishlist.
    • When User can add to cart their Product from their Wishlist then this Product Will Automatically Remove their Wishlist.
    • Wish list gets saved in the database, so it can be accessed from anywhere.
    • Ability to show/hide Wishing add date on the Wishlist module.
    • Ability to show/hide Prices on the Wishlist module.
    • Ability to show/hide Wishing Quantity on the Wishlist module.
    • Support social media share like Facebook.
    • You can choose to display category, the product belongs to.
    • You can choose to display View Cart link on the Wishlist page.
    • You also get a one click add to Cart button on Wishlist page which adds all your wishlist Items into the Cart.
    • You also get an option to make your Wishlist private / public. If you choose to make it public you can share the URL wherever you want to let other people check your wishlist.
    • No changes to Virtuemart code. Clean installation.

    Note: Please post on our support forum or email us if you need some help in setting up vWishlist on your site. You'll get a reply within 24 hours.

  22. Custom Carousel Pro

    Amazing Custom Carousel Pro, a free Joomla 3.x module with unique options for any website type

    Many features

    3 Sliders included with unique options

    Simple Carousel
    Slide.js: Responsive Carousel
    BxSlider: The Responsive jQuery Content Slider

    Text editor for each carousel, background selection and more make this module very useful for any website.

    Up to 20 Carousel


    Generic background color or image and background image or color for each carousel, text editor, full screen, navigation, automation, responsive, custom design and css, slides number, effects transition, pagination, loader and much more.

  23. eorisis: Metadata

    eorisis Metadata is a very powerful, advanced, modern and user friendly Component for the Joomla CMS, that allows you to organize, edit and maintain any kind of metadata on your site. You can freely create custom meta Elements and Attributes, organize them into nested categories, order them in your own way and use them on any page. Metadata component is written with MVC Architecture, with full ACL and permissions system, plethora of options, is "extension independent" and can be used site-wide.

    Compatible with Joomla 3.7.
    Compatible with Joomla 3.6.0 or higher
    Compatible with PHP 7 & PHP 5.
    Package Info: Ready for initial installation or upgrade.


    • Create, edit and maintain any number of custom meta elements (meta tags) and display them on specific pages.
    • Create, edit and maintain any number of custom attributes to be used in your Elements.
    • Elements and Attributes can have Dynamic or Static content with plethora of options.
    • Elements and Attributes can be sorted in separate, nested categories of your liking.
    • Set Open Graph metadata that apply site-wide, and/or use Open Graph in your custom elements with presets.
    • Dynamically detect the MIME Type, Width and the Height of an image and add the appropriate meta elements.
    • Choose between Name (HTML5), Property (RDFa), Itemprop, Name & Property, Open Graph and extended Dynamic options.
    • Fully customize the way your Elements and Attributes get listed on any area of your site.
    • The item order of your Elements and Attributes gets reflected on your pages.
    • Every Element and Attribute has its own Publishing options.
    • Modify your Page Titles & Site Name Separator with a variety of options on both HTML and RSS/ATOM Feeds.
    • Full ACL and permissions system, Global, on Elements, Attributes, Categories and other sections of the extension.
    • Full options for editing or hiding the Joomla Generator and Generator URI on HTML pages, RSS and ATOM Feeds.
    • You have the option to hide the Joomla Content Rights meta element.
    • Communicates with the eorisis: DCMI - System Plugin.
    • Set DCMI (Dublin Core) options such as Variant (dcterms/dc), Characters Limit, Menu Priority, System Messages.
    • It is extension independent, it can be used site-wide.
    • Multilingual site compatible.
    • All metadata and your preferences are available in both Online and Offline site modes.
    • Customize the User Interface (UI) to your liking.
    • Written with MVC Architecture and follows the native Joomla! framework.
    • Uses the native Joomla! Update System (You can upgrade to the latest version directly from your website).
    • Server Version Check and Release Notes through the component.
    • All text and fields are translatable through the Language Manager.
  24. JazzCash for VirtueMart

    JazzCash Payment Gateway enables you to connect with multiple payment instruments.

  25. PHP-Bridge

    PHP Bridge is a component for the correct integration of your own PHP scripts via the menu and access control of Joomla