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  1. Rapi Custom 404 Page

    Change the default Joomla 404 template to an attractive format with just a few clicks.
    - 14 Attractive Templates
    - Ability to change the text (above, middle and back button text)
    - Fully Responsive
    - Very Light
    - User Friendly Design

  2. JoomRecipe

    JoomRecipe is the best Joomla Recipe Extension, let you do everything you need to efficiently manage your recipes and cookbooks inside your joomla! website.

    Main Features

    • Frontend Submission, turn your users into authors and give them the possibility to create their recipes
    • Recipe Manager, easy-to-use management screen with numerous edition features
    • Responsive + Bootstrap 2 and 3 compatible, works great on mobile devices, tablets and computers
    • Multi Language Support, recipes or categories can be associated with a language for multi language cookbooks.
    • On-the-fly quantity converter, adapt the quantity of ingredients according to the number of people. How Convenient!
    • Share Recipe, share your recipes using Facebook, twitter, pinterest, stumble upon and other social networks
    • Nutrition Facts, Kcals, carbs, salt, proteins... JoomRecipe is also perfect for diet websites
    • Recipe Price Management, should you need to provide a price for your recipes, it is possible
    • Rate Manager, give your community the opportunity to rate the recipes
    • Recipe Tags, link recipes together using tags
    • Times viewed, know what are your most famous recipes thanks to their view counters
    • Eco-print Feature, make your users save ink by only printing what they need
    • Watermarked Pictures, protect your original pictures thanks to automatic watermark
    • Support Videos, make your website more interactive using videos!
    • Report Comments, keep your content clean and get informed of abusive comments
    • Shopping Lists, manage your shopping lists, print them out or flash them with your smartphone and check your shopping lists at the supermarket
    • Meal Planner, help your users plan their meals for the week thanks to our nice drag and drop meal planner!
    • Alphabetical Search, browse and filter recipes easily by letters.
    • Module Positions, customize your content using internal module positions and display ads, banners or any content.
    • Content Plugin, display recipes in your Joomla articles using easily using shortcode.

    Backend Features

    • Intuitive Control Panel, well organized backend screens, search features & filters
    • Category Manager, create as many categories as you want. Categories can be nested. No depth limitation
    • Recipe Moderation, keep your content clean thanks to the approval process
    • Comment Moderation, decide who can comment and manage comments easily
    • Email Notifications, stay informed of new recipes and comments posted on your website
    • Auto Update System, just add your licence key and update JoomRecipe automatically

    Display Options

    • Layouts, single column, dual column or thumbnails layout. You have the choice
    • List By Category, display your recipes by category
    • Pagination, paginate your content as you want to
    • Display Control, enable/disable display on a per-field basis
    • Most Viewed Recipes, display your most popular recipes
    • Latest Recipes, display your latest recipes
    • Featured Recipes, display your featured recipes
    • User Favourites, display your favourites recipes
    • Archive List, display recipes archive list

    Flexible Features

    • Extensible Units, looking for a flexible way to manage your cookbook? Add new ingredient units to the predefined list of units (grams, kilos, pounds, etc)
    • Extensible Ingredients Group, recipes might necessitate several preparations (sauce, seasoning, etc). Create as much ingredient groups as needed
    • Gallery Module, define which recipes to put in image slider (latest, most viewed, best rated, etc)
    • Search Module & Plugin, extend Joomla native search to include your recipes. Joomla Smart Search is also supported.
    • JomSocial & EasySocial Integration, display user favorites and user-created recipes in profile
    • Disqus Integration, Spoil your community thanks to Disqus!

    More Powerful features

    • Powerful Search Engine, include (or exclude) ingredients from your search. Search (or not) over recipe names, tags, description
    • Fine Grained Permissions, based on Joomla Permissions. Who can create, edit, delete, manage recipes and comments?
    • Supports US/METRICS, JoomRecipe has been thought to answer worldwide expectations. US or metrics quantities display is a built-in feature
    • Google Rich Snippets, tell Google your content is recipes. You just need to activate the feature to use microformats
    • Well Coded Pages, Canonical URLs, Google recommandations followed. We are proud of our code quality
  3. DD YouTube (EU Privacy)

    Joomla! content plugin to add YouTube videos inside an article.

    YouTube (EU Privacy) is a Joomla! content plugin to add YouTube videos inside an article.

    YouTube provides free video-hosting, this plugin allows to simple embed YouTube videos inside articles, in the extended privacy mode. There are options to define custom covers and playerparameters. By default it is setup for EU Privacy. This means the YouTube extended privacy mode ('youtube-nocookie' iframe url) and a special two-click solution to embed the frame not before clicking to your cover. Recommended for Member States of the European Union as well as for other parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. If you don't wish the EU Privacy mode, extended privacy can also be specified at plugin settings. The other settings can be setup for each video through our snipped parameters.

    Please take note of the privacy policy of your country. We provide no liability for legal correctness!

    For extended usage it is possible to define iframe parameter (width, heigth, class and framborder),
    img parameter (width, heigth and class),
    as well as any YouTube Player url parameters (autoplay, size, etc..

    How to use

    The simplest way,

    insert this snipped into your article:


    Replace XXXXXXXXXXX with your Video ID
    (The video ID is the part between v= and & of the YouTube video URL)

    Or with a custom cover image:


    Replace images/yourimagefile.jpg width your cover image path
    (The relative cover image path to your image file at your website)

    Note: The attribute value pairs must always be as follows:
    Colon is assignment operator as well as separator.

    For extended usge,

    you can define your insert snippet as follow:

    An example with YouTube Player parameters:


    An example with iframe and img parameters:


    Parameters can also be combined. A Special usage has the cover image. You can also omit it from the plugin setting options to use a default cover from plugin setting options.

    For more informations, visit our project homepage.
    HR IT-Solutions

  4. DD Google Analytics (EU Privacy)

    Joomla! system plugin to add the Google - Analytics Tracking snipped to your site.

    Google Analytics (EU Privacy) is a Joomla! system plugin to add the Google - Analytics Tracking snipped to your site. provides website analytics, this plugin implements that services by adding a JavaScript Tracking snipped to the head of your website.

    Google Website Property-ID (UA number) must be specified at plugin settings to connect your Website properly.

    By default it is setup for EU Privacy. This means the IP anonymization mode ('set anonymizeIp true' script addition), Google will truncate/anonymize the last octet of the IP address on this mode. Recommended for Member States of the European Union as well as for other parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. If you don't wish the EU Privacy mode, IP anonimization can also be specified at plugin settings.

    Please take note of the privacy policy of your country. We provide no liability for legal correctness!

    For more informations, visit our project homepage.
    HR IT-Solutions

  5. J51 - ImageHover is a library we created offering 44 unique image hover effects. Finally we have created a module which allows you to easily implement these effects within Joomla. This stylish gallery extension is an ideal solution to showcase site content in to attractive image boxes which can then be linked to a URL of your choice.

    • 44 Image Hover Effect to choose from (
    • Add multiple images in to a grid gallery
    • Apply unique hover effects to each image
    • Scaleable and Responsive
    • Lots of styling options
  6. Responsive content images

    A tiny content plugin that create a few different sized images on the fly and also update the markup to use the well established and supported HTML5 image tag srcset

    Which types of images are supported?

    Only jpg and png

    Does it also take care of the intro and full image of an article?


    Are there any precautions?

    YES! Because the plugin creates the images on the fly if a user saves a new article then the first time a visitor visits that page the load time can be very long. An easy work around is that the creator saves the article with some elevated permissions and then visits the page (granted they have permissions) and then re-edit the article to restore the preferred permissions.
    Also if you already have a live site, it's highly recommended to create the extra images locally (eg use some browser plugin to visit all your pages in your sitemap).

    Where are those images stored?

    The extra images are placed in /media/cached-resp-images


    Install this plugin then enable it and you're set. Nothing to configure!

    Is there a way to clean the cached images?

    Sure: just ftp, ssh or use your host control panel and remove the folder named cached-res-images inside the folder media.
    CAUTION: Performing this action will force the plugin to regenerate all the required image sizes for each image which will effectively increase geometrically the loading time for each page delivered for the first time!!!


    Read the above, there is nothing more to document here [there are no options other than enable/disable, so...].


    Report any problem here:

  7. Easy Facebook Page

    This module allows you to add your facebook page on your website, lets you easily embed and promote any Facebook Page on your website. Just like on Facebook, your visitors can like and share the Page without leaving your site.


    • Select multiple Page Tabs: Timeline, Events and Messages
    • Customized Width and Height
    • Show or Hide The Cover
    • Show or Hide Face pile
    • Show or Hide the Custom Call Action
    • Use a Small or Large Header
    • Adapt Container Width
    • Support Joomla! Update System
    • Fully documented Module
    • No 'Powered By' Footer Link
  8. DSViewer

    DSViewer developed for webmasters or web agencies that deal with websites creation or websites graphic. DSViewer allows to group and display demo websites, ready-made websites or templates directly from your website. DSViewer includes display emulator functions for mobile devices and PC.

  9. Browser Push

    Browser Push, Joomla Web Push Notification Plugin enables you collecting subscribers to your one signal account easily. You can use plugin parameters and customize push notification subscription popup, messages and design easily.

    Improve Your Online Business with Browser Push

    🌟 Collect Web Push Notification Subscribers
    🌟 without hacking your Joomla Site!
    🌟 Install, Configure and Ready!

    Get More Web Push Notification Subscribers

    🌟 Install the plugin and go to tab, set up information
    🌟 everything is clearly explained with images

    Auto Register

    🌟 Show or hide the notify button
    🌟 Select size
    🌟 Customize Notification Button

    Customize Design

    🌟 Select position of notify subscription button
    🌟 Pre Notify - Show a Unread Message Icon to new visitors
    🌟 Define Bottom - top - left positions

    Customize Notifications Messages

    🌟 Change all notification text as you desire, as you desired language!
    🌟 Change colors
    🌟 Customize Subscriptions Messages - Slide Down is Enabled

    Manage Prompt Settings

    🌟 Manage Prompt Message, Color, Header easily.


    Push Notification Services are powered by OneSignal. OneSignal's Services are 100% Free.

    **Browser Push is a plugin developed by Extension Base. **

    Browser Push gives you ability to use OneSignal Web Push Services on your Joomla site without any core hack.

  10. Registration HTML Email

    Are you bored of sending standard text emails to your Joomla Site Members! Joomla Registration Emails are better with Registration HTML Email. Send beautiful HTML Emails now!

    🌟 Personalizing and beautifying your emails will bring you credibility and help you improving your business

    Send HTML Email Notifications to your Joomla Site Members


    🌟 Personalize Email Subject lines
    🌟 Use Emoji for Subject lines
    🌟 Set subject areas as you desired


    🌟 HTML Registration Email
    🌟 HTML Username Reminder Email
    🌟 HTML Password Reminder Emails


    🌟 You can add attachment files to your emails - This is an optional feature but if you need to send a file to your site members at registration, this is possible with this great plugin!

  11. Popular news items - vertical layout

    With the this news module you can show different articles from specific categories by your own personal choice. This module is suitable for the display of latest articles in the sidebar of your site. Articles can be sorted by hits, recently added first, recently modified first, random articles, etc. The module displays the title of the article, intro image or article image, date of update, author, number of views.

  12. Pre Order For Virtuemart

    ** Joomla Virtuemart Pre Order - **Joomla Virtuemart Pre Order is a spectacular add-on that benefits the store customers to place an order in advance for products which are yet to be released or have no inventory i.e. zero. This extension will help users to publish products in their store before they become available to customers. Such type of logics helps to understand the market demand or buyer's choice. Since the inventory cost is zero so it is a very economical way to understand the market by launching Product for Pre Order booking.

    - PreOrder provides the functionality to store owner of getting pre-orders for a product which will arrive on the store soon.
    - Buyer would notify through the mail when they become available on the store.
    - Admin has provided an option to set an automatic/manual notification in the configuration.
    - Admin also set the Maximum number of purchase quantity for preorder products.
    - Buyer has to pay for the complete product price at the time of Preorder purchase.
    - Pre-order products are available for only registered users of the Site.
    - Pre-order Product purchase will be done in a separate order.
    - A Registered User can purchase a single quantity of a Preorder Product.
    - Email Template is provided for three scenarios. Admin can change the Email Template according to his requirements.
    - a)Preorder Payment Mail.
    - b)Notifying Buyer for the availability of the Product.
    - c)Mail for the Completion of Preorder payment.

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

  13. JUN Facebook Feed

    JUN Facebook Feed is the solution, providing you the options to pull feeds automatically from these Social Media giants. It displays beautifully across all types of devices, mobile/cell phones, Tablets and all desktop browsers while providing the unique feel of a native app.

    Highlight feature:

    Β· Pull photos, videos, album and collection of albums from the Facebook user.

    Β· Share social Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest

    Β· Upload date, likes, views, avatars ( as and when applicable) for items are shown

    Β· Sort items based on their upload date, likes, views, as well as title

    Β· Item titles and description are pulled from

    Β· Support beautiful lightbox

    Β· Fast search items

    Β· 100% Responsive

    Β· Full responsive on all devices

    Β· Flexible Configuration at back-end

    Β· Multi browsers supported (IE 10+, FireFox, Chrome,...)

  14. Easy Facebook Like Button

    This Joomla! Module add facebook like button in your website easily, a single click on the Like button will like pieces of content on the web and share them on Facebook. You can also display a Share button next to the Like button to let people add a personal message and customize who they share with.

    Module Features:

    • Choose Layout Type: Box Count, Button, Button Count, Standard
    • Choose Action Type: Like or Recommend
    • Change Color Scheme to Light or Dark
    • Change Layout Width
    • Show or Hide Friends Faces
    • Change Button Size to Small or Large
    • Choose Button Language
    • Show or Hide Share Button
    • Support Joomla! Update System
    • Fully documented Module
    • No Powered By Footer Link
  15. MyEasyGED

    Today, there are several large enterprise-oriented GED software capable of managing millions of documents, integrating CRMs but which are very expensive especially in terms of licenses (number of users connected simultaneously). MyEasyGed remains the ideal solution for individuals and SMEs. Being very cheap, MyEasyGed integrates as a component in the backend of Joomla (Joomla is a free CMS) and benefits from all the advantages of this last - high-performance search, possibility of the heberger on the web and thus d ' Access them from anywhere securely, no licensing costs, you create as many users as you want, multiplatform, responsive...

  16. Advanced Custom Fields

    Extending your Joomla Website with Custom Fields has been a dream for many and now it has become a reality with Advanced Custom Fields! Advanced Custom Fields offers incredible flexibility and profound capabilities to your Joomla Content by giving you the power of popular services like embedded Youtube videos, easy-to-use Google Maps and much, much more!


    • Embed Youtube Videos
    • Display customizable Google Maps
    • Associate any module directly with your Content
    • Use the Country Field to choose the origins of your Users or even your Content
    • Use the Currency Field and get to pick a currency from all of the currencies around the world
    • Supports Joomla Articles, Joomla Users and all the extensions that take advantage of custom fields
    • Publishing Assignments -- Assign to Menu Items / Pages -- Assign to Datetime -- Assign to Countries/Continents (Coming Soon) -- Assign to User Groups -- Assign to devices (Mobile,Tablet,Desktop) -- Assign to URLs -- Assign to Domain referrer -- Assign to Languages -- Custom PHP assignment
    • One-Click Install
    • No coding needed
    • Instant Support
  17. Rapi Content Slider

    Responsive Content Slider for Joomla and K2 Categories
    - Retrieve Content From Joomla and K2
    - 2 Different Transition Effect
    - Fully Responsive
    - Choose Number of Article Displaying
    - Allows You to Adjust the Period of Contents. For Example, the contents 7 days ago
    - Order Article By: title, hits, ID, date, etc.
    - Easy Control Over Backend
    - Link Category
    - Title Limit by Character or Word. For example, 80 Characters
    - Article Text Limit by Character or Word. For example, 40 Words
    - Adjust Max Height
    - Coordinated with touch screens to control items
    - Adjust List Position. Left or Right
    - Adjust Selection Mode. Click or MouseOver
    - Very Light
    - Auto Thumbnail Generator From Images For Best Performance

  18. Particle Background

    Animated Background and Beautiful Parallax Effect With Stunning Particles and Desired Message!

    A lightweight Joomla Section Builder Module for Creating Customizable Animated Background and Beautiful Parallax Effect With Various Particle and HTML Markup and WYSIWYG Supported Content area.

    An Easiest Way to Get an Attractive Background with a HTML5 Canvas Based Particles Animation and CSS3 Based Parallax Image Scrolling Effect with HTML Markup and WYSIWYG Supported Desired Message on your Joomla! Website.

    Exclusive Features

    Joomla 3 Ready.
    Multi-lingual Supported.
    Supports Different Types Of Particle.
    Responsive Parallax Background.
    Huge Animations Settings.
    Easy and Quick Installation.
    Supports Image Particles.
    HTML Supported Content Area.
    Full Customizable Background.
    Multiple Instances on One Page.
    Particle Control Options.
    Control Section Margin, Padding, Height.
    Interactivity Control Options.
    Background Overlay Color with Opacity.
    Control Section Height According to Devices Viewport.
    Module Style Overrides Available form Template.
    Customize style with available Gulp File.
    Super lightweight and easy to use.
    Strong Administrator Settings (80+ Options).
    100% Money Back Guarantee.
    Lifetime Free Updates.
    Fast Support By Real Developer.
    Secure Payments By PayPal.

  19. UT Contact Pro

    UT Contact Pro is a powerful Joomla contact module. You can create Horizontal and Vertical Forms, contact maps (Google maps), add additional information like: office address, telephone, hours of attention, and much more. The best of all is that you can use it individually or use combinations of forms with maps, form with additional information, maps with additional information. You can show the map, form and information in top, bottom, right and left.

    - list text here
    - Horizontal form
    - Vertical Form
    - Subtitle for Module
    - Intro text for Module
    - Google Map
    - Show / Hide Google Maps controls
    - Enabla / Disable Zoom with Mouse
    - Map Marker
    - Title and text for map marker
    - Image map
    - Drag an Drop additional Info
    - Bakcground Image
    - Background Colors (12)
    - Custom background Color (For overlay in background image)
    - Success and Error custom messages
    - Anti-Spam
    - English and Spanish Language
    - More.

    Important. For its correct operation requires Bootstrap 3+.

  20. Disqus Integration for SobiPro

    The Disqus Integration application let you use the Disqus commenting system in an SobiPro entry (details view). The number of comments, linked to the comments in the details view, can be shown in the vCard of each entry.

  21. Coupon Field for SobiPro

    The Coupon Field adds an additional field type to your SobiPro component. It lets you generate discount or prolongation codes, means that you can give your customers either a price discount or additional publishing days for their entry. Coupons can be valid for multiple uses or only once.

  22. Xpert Google Map

    Hey site owners!
    Are you searching for the most simple way to integrate Google Map on your site? Have been got stuck trying to find an approach that you can rely on?

    Since you badly know that, how much important to have Google map location tracker on a site. It helps to make a website complete in its every surface hence it let you focus on another works.

    Our Xpert Google Map smartly take the responsibility to integrate Google Map and provide you the most flexible working experience ever.

    Now, here is the most exciting part! We offer this obligate, tremendously useful stuff absolutely free of cost. Isn’t that great?

    Now let’s go through, whats make it that smart, capable of doing so much for you.

    One Click Installation

    Probably you’re thinking and worry about its installation process. Let me clear, its not gonna even take 5 seconds. One click installation process will give you the flexibility to install it just by one click. It required a click and at beast 2 seconds and you’re done!

    No Coding Configuration, It's beyond Simple

    If you’re a guy who doesn’t have any idea how to do so with backend coding, even if you’re completely unused to with coding, you can still configure it within a minute. You only need the latitude and longitude value of the location you want to mapped with it and that's gonna be found easily through a simple google search.

    Everything is over your Control

    Xpert Google Map allows you to effortlessly assign your location through Google map.Here, nothing is complicated while you have access to use it according to your wants. You will have the access over using custom marker icon, setting custom latitude as well as longitude, setting the custom height of the module, selecting map type, defining zoom level, styling map and much more.

    Elegant Front-end Appearance

    It will show you the front-end in such a way that it looks neat and nifty, therefore no chance for your visitors/ users to get confused at all. It shows your defined location exactly what you want it to show.

  23. Custom Fields - Vimeo

    Load Vimeo videos into content with Joomla's custom fields
    This plugin lets you create new fields for 'Vimeo videos' in any extension where Joomla custom fields are supported.
    You can set a lot of parameters like video width and height (in % or px)

  24. Digi CB Module Tab

    By this plugin you can publish module in Community Builder profile, inside a tab. Would you publish a menu module, a custom html module, would you publish latest visits module in CB?

    With Digi CB Module Tab you can include up to six different module positions in a tab. Layout is Bootstrap based (two rows and three columns).

    Set the names of module positions where you want to place a module in Community Builder, and if needed, enter the custom CSS code directly in the plugin, to set the Joomla! module in CB.

    The plugin is mobile-friendly because it uses Bootstrap for module positions layout. In desktop mode, modules are arranged in two rows and three collassable columns, in mobile mode, modules are arranged in only one column.

    This Community Builder plugin is very useful to publish a module in Community Builder profile, inside a tab, for example a Joomla! menu module or to include custom html code in CB profile.

  25. CW-autoarc

    CW-autoarc is a Joomla plugin, to perform timed operations on articles and K2 items in selected categories. You can move items to another category or simply send them to the Joomla archive.

    All actions will be executed on the expiration date of articles (Finish Publishing). This plugin allows you to define some rules, what should happen with an article or item after it's expiration, instead of the default action of simply unpublishing it.