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  1. EUL - Easy User Login

    With Easy User Login, administrators can log into other user accounts in the frontend. The plugin adds a login button in the overview of the User Manager in the backend. Both core templates (Isis and Hathor) are supported.

    After the login, the logged-in administrator can perform all the actions that the user can do with his normal login. For security reasons, only users from the 'Super Users' group can initiate the login process. In addition, the login cookie is used to check whether the user is still logged into the backend.

    The plugin is useful to test functions in the frontend or to perform actions for the user that are not directly possible without a login. The login is only possible in non-blocked accounts!


    Joomla! 3.x -


    The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

  2. Gallery CSS Slider

    This is a simple responsive image slider module (altough it doesn't slide, but fade) by It uses the awesome gallery CSS by Ben Schwarz.

    Simply chose the categories you want to get your slider elements from, create some articles, assign them an intro image and you're ready to go.


    • only about 2 KiB additional CSS (gzipped)
    • does not use any JS
    • easy to customize
    • fully responsive
  3. Cobalt 8 Support for Social Crossposting

    Adds Cobalt 8 support to Social Crossposting component. Works independently of any other content support plugins.

    ★ FEATURES ★

    • Does not require any setup in most cases, just plug and play.
    • Allows to select networks for crossposting separate from main component.
    • Allows to set categories or articles to filter (include or exclude them).
  4. No Duplicate Product in Cart for JoomShopping

    This JoomShoping plugin prevents adding the same product to the cart again and displaying a warning “This product is already added to your cart”. This feature might be useful for e-store that have lot of products with similar names. Everything is simple. No hacks, no settings. Just add or localise the warning message and let users to go on shopping.

    The No Duplicate Product in Cart for JoomShopping plugin can be used in e-commerce sites that have a bunch of products with similar names and you want to prevent increasing the quantity of the product, also it is useful for products that requires single sales without quantity (downloadable products, etc).

  5. Products for RD-Subscriptions

    This module for RD-Subscriptions displays products with various combinations. The module has lot of settings and you can set up your products look according to your needs. It is kind of "latest products" module, but much more extended.

    Key features:
    - Flexible customisation
    - Show Buy button, Image and Price
    - Sorting Options & Direction
    - Display ‘Show All’ button
    - Show Header and Description

  6. Search K2 Pro

    A great replacement for standard K2 Search plugin. Pro version allows you to fully customize searching process: exclude or include certain categories and items, limit search results by featured items or tags, search in item titles, author names, aliases and much, much more.

    ★ FEATURES ★

    • A lot of options to fully customize search results according to your needs.
    • Greatly improved and simplified searching algorithm, comparing to standard Search K2 plugin.
    • Search in almost any item field: text, category, author, title, meta keywords or description and more.
    • Exclude categories from search results or include only certain categories.
    • Exclude items from search results or include only certain items.
    • Additional search areas (featured, tags, authors, titles or any other item field) in front-end for more user friendly experience.
    • Hide or display parent area (Items only) and item category as title only or title with link.
    • Display item image as thumbnail in search results (requires template editing).
    • Do all other stuff the standard Search K2 plugin can.
  7. Disable Mootools

    Sometimes you need to disable Mootools Library or jQuery Library to prevent your site / page(s) from multiple loading of jQuery of Mootools Libraries

    Disabling Mootools Library will effect the performance of your website positively.

    Enable - Disable Mootools Library for the entire site only for selected page(s)
    Enable - Disable jQuery Library for entire site or only for selected page(s)
    Enable - Disable Bootstrap for entire site or only for selected page(s)
    Plugin works at front-end only, you do not need to worry for /administrator area. It will not disable Mootools at back-end.
    Mootools option Disables 4 js files - around 330 kB

    jQuery option Disables 4 js files - around 100 kB

  8. Flip Book Master

    Joomla Flip Book

    PDF Flip Book for Joomla, Images from a folder as a Flip Book.

    ★ Create amazing magazines, catalogs with Joomla Flip Book easily!

    ★ Easy Installation and Configuration

    ★ Each Parameter well-explained, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter title.

    100% Responsive - Tested on Mobile Devices

    2 Different Theme Options:

    ✔ Yoıu can show PDF Flip Book
    ✔ You can show Images from a folder as a Flip Book
    Mobile Friendly Flip Book for Joomla

    ✔ RTL - LTR Support

    ✔ Toggle Thumbnails
    ✔ Full-screen view
    ✔ Zoom-in / Zoom-out
    ✔ Page Modes, Single Page Mode or Double Page Mode
    ✔ Goto First Page and Goto Last Page buttons

    ✔ Change Flip Book Background Color via Parameters
    ✔ Change Flip Book Container width via Parameters
    ✔ Change Button Colors via Parameters
    ✔ Define any Page Turn Speed for your Flip Book
    ✔ Enable / Disable Sound
    ✔ Enable / Disable Scroll Wheel ( Mouse Scroll Wheel Zoom-in, Zoom-out option )
    ✔ Enable - Disable PDF File Download
    ✔ Translations of Help Area Button Text via Module Parameters
    ✔ Enable or Disable Font Awesome Library for Control Buttons

    ♚ Amazing Fast Support
    ♚ Responsible Developers
    ♚ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed,

    ♫ Visit Extension Base now and view the demos
    ✎ Ask questions before download

    ✂ If you have any suggestions, just let us know please, it is our pleasure to realize it!

  9. Panorama

    This is a 3-dimensional joomla3.x component with rows and columns with numbers of your own choice. Upload as many as images you like (based on instructions) with short explanations for each and voila enjoy your website!

  10. 2Checkout Inline for Hikashop

    A payment plugin that provides 2Checkout integration to Hikashop. The plugin allows to accept secure payments in Inline Checkout mode without leaving your site.

    Using this payment plugin you can integrate 2Checkout to Hikashop. The payments are being processed as inline checkout - an elegant window with frame appears and there is no need to leave your site.

    - Secure Payments being processed within Iframe
    - Ability to pay via PayPal inside the 2Checkout interface
    - Support for Sandbox (Test Environment)
    - Custom notification to paste your content (HTML tags are allowed) on Pay Now page


    With the help of this plugin, the user can obtain a re-link to activate his account if for any reason the first letter is not reached. The plugin does not require any configuration, simply install and enable. Request e-mail with an activation link, comes at a time when not activated user tries to log on to the site.

  12. JD FB Feed

    JD FB Feed display facebook page or group feed into your joomla site with capability of feed display customization into your site. This module will ask you to enter APP ID, Access Token and Page id. You can limit how many number of feed you want to show and possiblity to filter using #key. Feed text length can be control from module parameter. It is Responsive and supported most of browser in the world with different platform.

  13. JV-MailChimp

    If you use MailChimp, this extension will automatically sign up a new user who registers to your site to your MailChimp list too.There is no need to export or import!

    MailChimp is a simple email marketing software (EMS) which gives you a number of easy options for designing, sending and saving templates of your emails. You can create email lists, add subscribers to the list, send and monitor emails, and track responses.

    JV-MailChimp provides a Joomla - MailChimp integration. With JV-MailChimp you can add a 'Subscribe to Newsletter' option in the Joomla user registration form (create account page). When a user opts to subscribe, JV-MailChimp will handle the communication with your account at MailChimp, and add that member to your list. This is unobtrusive to the user and happens behind the scene.


    • Subscribe to MailChimp mailing list when user creates an account in Joomla.
    • Admin can decide to use double opt-in or single opt-in method.
    • Admin can decide to set the email format or allow visitors to select.
    • Ability to map different Joomla user profile fields to list fields while subscribing.
    • Option to unsubscribe user from list at MailChimp when that user is deleted in Joomla!.
    • Automatic notifications in back-end for new version releases
  14. Aliexpress Affiliates for Virtuemart

    Aliexpress Affiliates component for Virtuemart is used to import products from Aliexpress Into your Joomla/virtuemart ecommerce site. The Component can create the site with specific aliexpress products.

    You can easily import products from Aliexpress. Once uploading process is completed, uploaded items will appear in your Virtuemart Products section admin panel .

    The component uses the official providers APIs.

    ** - Advanced Search**
    - Bulk Import aliexpress products
    - Bulk Upload aliexpress products' images to virtuemart
    - Quick editing csutom titles and description
    - Price, Sellers rating, Commissions sorting
    - Sinchronizations of virtuemart products to Aliexpress products

    Aliexpress account setting

    1.      Account setting  You need to setup API Keys to work with platforms, or you can use our prepared key that initially set in the Setting.
    Aliexpress products Search

    You can looking for specific product using ProductId field. Also there are several search filters for Aliexpress: keywords, category, price range, total orders (last 30 days), feedback score, high quality items.


    You can easily import products into Virtuemart using our built-in API key or use your own keys

    Please use for Backend demo access
    username: test
    password: test

    **Backend demo link: **

    Frontend demo link:


  15. Popular products for VirtueMart

    Display Popular VirtueMart Porducts In Your Site HomePage or Any Module Positions

    This is Simple Module that allows you to display Popular VirtueMart Products at you site home page or any other module positions. Product Popularity Measurement Schemes are available in the backend Settings. Custom Styles and GRID Layout Views are also available.

    Latest Joomla 3.6 Supported


    ####✔ Display VM Popular Products

    This module allows you to display VirtueMart Popular products

    ####✔ Grid Layout

    Grid layout is available to see at the front end. You can change the Grid view by setting columns 

    ####✔ Popularity Measurement Schemes

    Mainly Popularity is measured by product rating points. You have control choose measurement options.

    ####✔ Responsive and Interactive Design

    This extension is super responsive caompatibe with different devices.

    ####✔ Light Weight

    This extension is very light. Efficiently coded. Never tax your site loading time and works with any Template

    ####✔ Style Match With Your Template

    You have control to style-match with your Joomla template by background color

    Change log

    Version Date    Change
    1.0 16/11/2016  * Initial release

    ✪ Live Preview

    ✪ Happiness Guaranteed: 30 Days Money Back Refund Policy

  16. User Reaction Engagement

    Display Facebook style Reactions at Home page/webpage to get Feedback for the Website/Pages/Articles.

    A amazing plugin that allows you to display Facebook style reaction feedback options/poll at the website/page when visitors will attempt to close your site. Four different types of layout/themes are available to display.You can see also the count of how many people reacted the article.

    Latest Joomla 3.6 Supported


    ####✔ Reaction Icons

    You can get user's reaction on your articles

    ####✔ Site Home/Webpage/Article Integration

    The reactions are automatically integrated end of article

    ####✔ Reaction Count

    Reactions will be counted. you can also display that.

    ####✔ Customizable Styles

    Styles of all themes are customizable

    ####✔ Simple Configuration

    Back end configuration is very light and simple

    ####✔ Style Match With Template

    Full control to style-match with your Joomla site. Control for content font size

    Change log

    Version Date    Change
    1.0 16/11/2016  * Initial release

    ✪ Live Preview

    ✪ Happiness Guaranteed: 30 Days Money Back Refund Policy

  17. Custom Facebook Page Stream

    Display you Facebook Page Posts in Your Website by Cuctom Select.

    This is an simple plugin that allows you to embed facebook Posts either from a page or personal Timeline. You can display any post as your selection.

    Latest Joomla 3.6 Supported


    ####✔ Display Facebook Page Posts

    This module allows you to embed individual Facebook Page posts to your webiste

    ####✔ Facebook Timeline Posts

    This module also allows you to display Facebook posts of your personal timeline.

    ####✔ Extensive Backend Settings

    There are enough settings available to configure this module. You have control to display cover photo, profile picture and others

    ####✔ Light Weight

    This extension is very light. Efficiently coded. Never tax your site loading time and works with any Template.

    ####✔ Responsive and Intereactive Design

    This extension is super responsive caompatibe with different devices.

    ####✔ Style Match With Your Template

    You have control to style-match with your Joomla template by background color

    Change log

    Version Date    Change
    1.0 10/10/2016  * Initial release

    ✪ Live Preview

    ✪ Happiness Guaranteed: 30 Days Money Back Refund Policy

  18. Smart Publisher

    Create an article in just a few clicks with this module !
    - Easy to use with smartphones (take a picture and add it directly in your article)
    - Flexible integration of the module with more than 20 parameters to customize text, colors, button, progress bar,...
    - Resize images (optional)
    - Define the default values of your articles created with this module (category, access, status,...)
    - And more... (see specifications)

  19. Article Details Profiles

    Use the full power of the Joomla! framework to create multiple Article Details configurations and design separate article details for different areas of your site.


    • use the plugin's syntax to target individual articles,
    • setup multiple configurations (by creating module instances) and modify article, category blog and featured articles blog header and footer layouts,
    • show different layouts and information depending on user access, language and for specific menu items
    • choose which information will be shown by each layout (hits, author, rating, dates, times, categories, keywords, tags, email, print, jcomments count…),
    • hot show custom fields (Joomla 3.7 and over)
    • further control what information is shown by setting options to articles,
    • combine information elements using text and icons to produce elaborate sentences,
    • link keywords to search results, link tags to tag views,
    • add an optional calendar representation (choose from multiple styles),
    • use on multi-language sites,
    • override the CSS for display and print,
    • cache the produced stylesheets for better performance.
  20. ochGotNews

    Marketers in a content-driven landscape are responsible for producing huge amounts of content, day in and day out. But most of us don’t have the time, staff, or budget to publish enough great (or even good) content. We do the best we can, but it’s often impossible to stay ahead of the demand.

    Time to enable your community to easily generate curated content for your website!

    Content curation is when an individual (or team) consistently finds, organizes, annotates, and shares relevant and high quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market.

    Adding content curation to your content marketing mix delivers the following benefits:

    • Improves Search Engine Optimization: Curated content becomes additional indexable pages that provide more doorways into your site via search engines.
    • Establishes Credibility as a Thought Leader: Curated content from high quality third party sources helps you develop go-to web resources that improve your credibility and trustworthiness as an impartial authority on your topic.
    • Supports Lead Generation: Curated content drives incremental site visits that increases the potential for landing quality leads.
    • Streamlines Lead Nurturing: Curated content is easily repurposed via newsletters, emails, and other channels to make lead nurturing simple and consistent.
    • Complements Social Media & Blogging: Curated content supplements your social media publishing schedule and helps facilitate social media conversations—not only with prospects and customers, but also with peers.

    Current functionality:
    - component with full back-end management
    - front-end management of News items for your editors / publishers
    - highly configurable News module (featured, latest, most read, random, etc.)
    - Acymailing ochGotNews plugin to enrich your newsletter with community curated content (separate download)

    New in version 0.1.2

    - Component:
     - Improvement: Add css fix for full-width textarea and input boxes
     - Improvement: Changed default height of share and description input fields to 5 rows
     - Improvement: Add top and bottom tag positions on News item view
     - Improvement: Overview / view: toggle display insecure images > show / replace image / no show to avoid breaking SSL padlock on site
     - Improvement: Reading information from websites (non-compliant opengraph tags)
     - Improvement: Add rel="noopener noreferrer" to links to Source website.
    - Module:
     - Improvement: Toggle display insecure images > show / replace image / no show to avoid breaking SSL padlock on site
     - New: Exclude current News item setting

    New in version 0.1.1

    - Fixed Joomla! 3.7 (beta3) compatibility issue
    - Automatically set publish_up date with creation date when not specified (for sorting on publish date in module)
    - Small css / styling improvements
    - Made IcoMoon optional via config setting
    - Loosened client-side JavaScript url check as it failed on some characters in (correct) url
    - Configure which icons to use for hits and edit (default is IcoMoon, but now eg Font-Awesome is also possible)

    New in version 0.1.0

    - Hello World!
  21. Rapi Admin UI

    Rapi Admin UI is a powerful plugin to change the appearance of your Joomla Admin
    - 12 different fonts to change the default admin font
    - Change the background color of the login page
    - Add a background image to login page
    - Add 2 different effects to login background (Ripples, Particle Ground)
    - Change the login form opacity
    - Change the background color of the login form
    - Change the button color of the login form
    - Change the button border radius of the login form
    - Change the default logo
    - Moving between pages with 25 different effects
    - Enable or disable PreLoad by 12 different SVG images

  22. Rapi Font

    Rapi Font is a powerful plugin to change the Fonts of your Joomla site.
    - 21 popular fonts to change the default font. Open Sans, Roboto, Lato, Oswald,...
    - Add fonts to the site just a few clicks
    - Ability to select the font thickness
    - You can add fonts to different tags: a, p, span, li, input,...
    - Ability to add fonts to different custom tags. Example: .footer a,...

  23. JBC - Joomla Backlink Checker

    Joomla Backlink Checker (JBC) is the first and only backlink checker for the CMS Joomla! With this extension you can check as many specified link connections as needed.

    Manage and check all links to your website(s) and control your web partners without having to visit their website manually. The component can check an unlimited amount of websites fast and reliably using the HTTP class which is provided by the Joomla! API.

    The check process in Joomla Backlink Checker is very robust and even detects links that are not set to valid HTML standard. But if the code is too bad, then links may not be detected, even though you can see them in the browser. In this case you should motivate the link partner to improve the source code of his website!

    Save your time, you only need one click to check your backlinks!

    Trust is good, control is better! ;-)


    Joomla! 3.x -


    The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

  24. My Testimonials

    My Testimonials is Joomla extensions that allows you to get clients testimonials and display them the way you want. It's fully integrated with Google Rich Snippet.

    Add clients feedback or get their testimonial from your website frontend/backend, then display your score and review in Google search results. My testimonials got integration with the Google Company Rich Snippet, review and testimonials. Plus, they's advanced layout selection and testimonial themes like masonry wall and slider. You can even add some testimonial locations and YouTube video reviews.

    Watch a live video:

    Main features:
    - Google Company Rich Snippet
    - Rating Rich Snippet
    - Reviews Rich Snippet
    - 2 layouts for testimonials: vertical and horizontal
    - 2 display theme: masonry wall and testimonial slider
    - Build from scratch your custom design, visually
    - Gravatar integration and custom avatar resizing
    - Testimonial frontend submission and edition based on Joomla ACL
    - Google Maps testimonial geolocation and map
    - Youtube video testimonial
    - Automatic testimonial text crop

  25. Google Autocomplete Address

    Google Autocomplete Address extension allows you to add autocomplete address functionality on any textbox in a form.

    You can add it on a simple contact form address field,shopping cart billing and shipping address fields, search bar , location fields etc.

    This extension is very easy to set up. Just save textbox id in extension, thats it and the google autocomplete address functionality appears on that textbox.

    This extension easily integrates with famous joomla extensions like Virtuemart, Breezing Forms, JEvents, JU Form etc.

    No coding or Technical Skills required. Just install the plugin, change the admin settings and you get an autocomplete address box anywhere you want.