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  1. JBC - Joomla Backlink Checker

    Joomla Backlink Checker (JBC) is the first and only backlink checker for the CMS Joomla! With this extension you can check as many specified link connections as needed.

    Manage and check all links to your website(s) and control your web partners without having to visit their website manually. The component can check an unlimited amount of websites fast and reliably using the HTTP class which is provided by the Joomla! API.

    The check process in Joomla Backlink Checker is very robust and even detects links that are not set to valid HTML standard. But if the code is too bad, then links may not be detected, even though you can see them in the browser. In this case you should motivate the link partner to improve the source code of his website!

    Save your time, you only need one click to check your backlinks!

    Trust is good, control is better! ;-)


    Joomla! 3.x -


    The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

  2. JUN Social Counter

    JUN Social Counter Plugin grabs the latest counts of your Fans/Followers etc. from your Favorite Social Networks and then displays them on your Blog. It is the perfect solution to encourage more users to join your network.

    Highlight feature:

    · Support 8 layout style

    · Social networks supported: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Dribbble, Sound Cloud, Vimeo, Envato, Delicious, Pinterest, Github, Behance

    · Cache all or cache by specific to reduce the API calls loading time

    · Fit any of sidebars width

    · Built on Bootstrap 3 Option for the number of columns

    · Built on Bootstrap 3

    · 100% Responsive

    · Full responsive on all devices

    · Flexible Configuration at back-end

    · Easy customization with custom css.

    · Multi browsers supported (IE 10+, FireFox, Chrome,...)

  3. JUN Google Map

    JUN Google Map allows you to draw on Google Máp and display it anywhere on your website

    Highlight Feature:

    · Map toggle options

    · Responsive maps

    · Set the max zoom level for your map

    · Support Joomla 3.x

    · Easy configure layer data

    · Flexible Configuration

    · Multi browsers supported (IE 10+, FireFox, Chrome,...)

  4. Rapi Loading Progress Bar

    Rapi Loading Progress Bar makes a beautiful progress indicator for your page load and ajax navigation.
    It will automatically monitor your ajax requests, event loop lag, document ready state, and elements on your page to decide the progress. On ajax navigation it will begin again!
    10 colors and 14 different themes for loading.

  5. nx-youtubeBox


    With the nx-youtubeBox Module you are able to display Youtube Videos & Playlists in a Responsive Container on any Moduleposition or Textblock of your Website. You have no longer to put in manually the iFrame Script into your Textfields and hope that your WYSIWYG editor not stripe it out after saving. You don't have to set up any width / height values of your Videoplayer, nx-youtubeBox takes 100% of the width from its parent element and calculates the height automaticly.

    Main Features

    • Responsive
    • Youtube Videos
    • Youtube Playlists
    • Fullscreen Option per Module Instance
    • Out of the Box multiple instances on the same Page possible
    • Headermode (define a max height of the videoframe in percent & move the overflow if needed)
    • Blocklayer (lock your player frame - click actions on the video are not longer possible)
    • And for sure the basic youtube API Features like:
      • Autoplay
      • Show / Hide Annotations
      • Show / Hide Controls
      • Loop Playback
      • Show / Hide related Videos
      • Video start time
      • iOS Inline Playback
      • Define default volume
      • or mute the player
  6. Content Changer

    Content Changer is a Joomla Component with which you can move contents between categories or access levels in combination with a Cronjob.

    - automate shifting contents from one category to another after a set time in days with a cronjob
    - automate moving posts in a user access level to another after a set time in days with a cronjob
    - Email notification as well as live output of the actions

  7. Rapi Content Timeline

    A simple and functional modules to display content from Joomla and k2 as a timeline.
    - More than 35 different options to customize the module.
    - ​More Articles button to display the content on Ajax.
    - 12 different images for loading.
    - View the contents of Joomla and k2.
    - Allows you to adjust the period of Contents.
    - Show date in 5 different formats.
    - Personalize all parts of the module.
    - Fully responsive design.
    - The possibility of putting several modules on one page.

  8. Order Awaiting Panel for Virtuemart

    Component for instant order notifications.

    Optimized for touchscreens!!!

    This joomla/virtiemart component can turn your restaurant delivery process or delivery process in any form of company that follows such steps into organised conveyor belt.

    • Monitor instant changes / new incoming orders

    • You can configure unlimited number of users to have terminal access (you don't need to give this users back-end access)

    • Each terminal can be configured to display orders of certain statuses

    • Each terminal can be configured to have capability of changing sertain or all statuses of order

    • On new order reception terminal can be configured to play sound

    • On new order reception terminal can be configured to blink.

    • Optimized for touchscreen

    • 'Full screen' button available

      React immediatly - you will get blinking and/or sound noficication

    This is perfect tool to organise your production/delivery line.


    BACKEND LINK: /administrator/index.php?option=com_vmorderawaitingpanel

    FRONTEND LINK: /index.php?option=com_vmorderawaitingpanel

  9. Trump my Site

    The Trump my Site module display memorable random quotes by the new president of the United States of America. This module works on backend, and will be visible just below the login form.

  10. LoginGuard basic

    LoginGuard is Joomla! Login Security plugin. Reliable and very effective ! We are striving to increase the web security and protect as many websites as we can. The main purpose of LoginGuard is to add brute force protection for the login. Our product protects your website against brute force attacks and keep track of every locked user account. New features are regularly released to improve Joomla! security.

    The Latest version of LoginGuard includes the following features:

    • Brute Force protection
    • Configure the allowed number of wrong login attempts
    • Locks the user account after configurable number of failed login attempts
    • Set custom error message for locked users
    • Configurable lock time period
    • Automatically unlock the user after the configured period of time
  11. MailChimp Convert Forms Addon

    MailChimp Convert Forms Addon allows you to create MailChimp newsletter signup AJAX forms

  12. AWeber Convert Forms Addon

    AWeber Convert Forms Addon allows you to create AWeber newsletter signup AJAX forms

  13. Update.System for ZOO

    The Update.System for ZOO is simple tool for creating update servers which used in Joomla! Update System.
    If You use catalog of files which builded at Zoo applications then this plugin helps create a manifest of extensions for quickly automating the process to check all installed extensions and update them from the extension manager.

  14. Template Changer

    Template Changer is a Joomla Module to provide your users to switch the websites template.

    - display a own Logo
    - display the Template Changer on top or bottom
    - set background- and text-color
    - set color of changer button
    - display the template thumbnail
    - setup columns to display the templates

  15. RD-Translations (Transifex)

    Offering downloadable translations on the fly in your own component. This component is able to download languages from the Transifex API and generating a language file on the fly without any other components or clients. Setup in 15 minutes and you're ready to offer the languages which are available on your Transifex account.

    • Easy setup - Less than 15 minutes.
    • No difficult TX files or something that needs to be changed on your server.
    • Fully based on the Transifex API.
    • Unlimited Resources & Projects
    • Automatically loads resources
    • Instantly download of language packages.
    • Simple configuration
    • Contribute Link to request help from customers.
    • Showing progress Bar including % for completed translations.
    • XML created on the fly with your own data as set in the configuration.
    • Fully responsive (Bootstrap 2 & 3)
    • Using the Joomla Updater
  16. MetGIS Weather

    Looking for a highly customizable plugin with extremely precise forecasts? 
With the MetGIS weather plugin you can easily integrate precise weather data into your website. Choose the parameters, adapt the design and upvalue your website.

    Highlights: Why pick this plugin?
    - Weather for any coordinate worldwide, even remotest areas
    - Extremely precise forecasts thanks to MetGIS weather data
    - Highly customizable design – fits in every website!
    - All the parameters you need: weather short description, temperature, precipitation/rain/snow, wind, relative humidity, sunshine duration, sunrise/sunset
    - Forecasts for up to 7 days

    Benefit from lots of customization options:
    - Choose parameters and number of forecast days
    - Upload your own background image
    - Use weather-dependent background images
    - Different icon sets available
    - Adapt font styles to your needs
    - English and German language
    - Inches/feet/°F or km/m/°C
    - Portrait and landscape mode
    Why is MetGIS weather data so accurate?
    In short: MetGIS algorithms connect weather data with very precise terrain data. This is why the forecasts are extremely accurate and businesses all around the globe trust in MetGIS.

    Get your free API Key and you‘re ready to go:
    This plugin is based on professional weather data provided by MetGIS. Go to to get your free API Key.

    Like this plugin?
    Leave it a 5 star review. Thanks!

    Disclaimer: MetGIS reserves the right to make changes to its services and cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use of this plugin/data.

  17. CW-hire

    CW-hire is a set of Joomla® extensions to offer jobs on a web site. The main component consists of a job listing, a search filter, a detail view for jobs and an application form for each job. Visitors can search the list, read all the details about a job and send their application including attachments via email.

    Their are also two modules available: cw-hire latest and cw-hire search. cw-hire latest shows a list of featured jobs at any Joomla position. cw-hire search is the search filter as a separate module, to show the search form at any Joomla position. These two modules are included in all subscriptions.

  18. HTML5 Audio Player

    Fully responsive and mobile friendly HTML5 Audio Player

    The perfect module for Joomla!® website that lets you create a beautiful responsive audio players.
    Fully responsive, unlimited colors, playlist support and mobile friendly.

    No jQuery need - pure javascript.
    Made with light JavaScript Sound API supporting MP3, MPEG4 and HTML5 Audio -SoundManager2.


    Modern browsers compatability,
    Zombie (old ones) browsers compatability,
    No jQuery need - pure javascript,
    Fully responsive and mobile friendly,
    Unlimited colors,
    Multiply instances on page,
    Sticky (bottom fixed) style included.

    ... and more.

  19. Memorizr Game

    Picture Pairs Memorizing game: Offer your users a fun way to spend or earn points while training their brain in this advanced classic Pair Memory game.

    Here is the list of the main features

    • Unlimited games
    • Unlimited pics (tiles) per game
    • Various picture sources possible :
    • Possible Pictures Source: Component Picture manager
    • Possible Pictures Source: From specific Folder
    • Possible Pictures Source: Community Builder Avatars
    • Possible Pictures Source: Jomsocial Avatars
    • Possible Pictures Source: Jomsocial Gallery
    • Possible Pictures Source: EasySocial Avatars
    • Possible Pictures Source: EasySocial Gallery
    • Possible Pictures Source: PhocaGalery
    • 3 Userpoints rules for AltaUserPoints, Jomsocial User Points and EasySocial UserPoints
    • Pay2play rule - FirstScore rule - High Score rule
    • Game leaderboards - Scores manager
    • Profile plugins for CB, JS & ES provided
    • Latest Scores and Leaderboard additional modules
  20. JUN Slideshow

    Install images from computer, give title, description which will beautifully lay on the Slideshow image. Try it now and fall in love with our wonderful Slideshow Extension.

    Highlight Feature:

    · Supports up to load image in module

    · Show image, title, description, link

    · Support Joomla 3.x

    · Fully Responsive

    · Easy style each slide

    · Flexible Configuration

    · Easy customization with custom css.

    · Multi browsers supported (IE 10+, FireFox, Chrome,...)

  21. Slider CK

    Slider CK displays your images and content in a nice responsive slider. It is compatible with mobiles, resonsive design and you can slide with your fingers on your touch devices. The module interface has been designed to give you a simple and efficient experience.

    List of features

    Unlimited slides
    Ergonomic admin interface
    Can display images or any content (articles, videos,...)
    Multiple options to congifure the slider
    Multiple pagination available : dots, thumbnails, progress bar, number by fraction
    Mobiles compatible, you can slide with your fingers
    Responsive design
    You can add a link on any slide
    Captions on any slide
    Display order normal or random
    Limit the number of slides
    Load the images directly from a folder
    Preview of slides in the module interface
    Edition with a fast interface for the caption and link
    Open the links in a Lightbox with Mediabox CK or any other lightbox
  22. PRISM Syntax Highlighter for Joomla

    If you want to use TinyMCE in Joomla! and its builtin "Insert/Edit code" feature, you need this plugin to have syntax highlighting on your site.

    If you want to use TinyMCE in Joomla! and its builtin "Insert/Edit code" feature, you need this plugin to have syntax highlighting on your site.
    SyntaxHighlighting in TinyMCE is based on PRISM, but the necessary JScript and CSS files are not loaded after you close TinyMCE.

    This plugin adds the necessary JScript and CSS files to your site.


    • Use of Joomla!-Updater
    • possibilty to select various "Styles"
    • possibilty to use the autoloader feature to support more languages, than offered by TinyMCE
    • possibilty to use line-numbers (you have to add "line-numbers" to the css-class of the -Element)
    • uses own and local CSS/JS storage, no loading of external ressources, syntaxhighlighting will not stop after removal of TinyMCE

    This Plugin "PRISM ( SyntaxHighlighter for Joomla" is released under the GPLv3 License.

    This plugin contains code from, released under the MIT-License.
    The code is located in media folder of this archive and in media/plgcontentprismsyntaxhighlighter when installed

  23. EOR - Easy Output Replacer

    With Easy Output Replacer you can easily replace or completely remove parts of the rendered HTML output of your Joomla! website!

    You can define as many replacement rules as you need. The execution can be limited to specific pages using parameters which can be obtained in the Debug Mode. Additionally the specified rules can be applied once or to all occurences and the search can be executed case-insensitive. The search string can be a normal string or a regular expression pattern.

    Use this plugin to replace content (e.g. CSS classes, update copyright information, set links to keywords) or remove unwanted output (e.g. CSS / JS files, backlinks of extensions, complete module positions). With the power of regular expressions there are no limitations!


    Joomla! 3 -


    The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

  24. JVE - Joomla Vote Extended

    This plugin is an extended version of the Vote plugin from the core package. You can display the rating stars before or after the content. It's possible to limit the loading execution only to the article view.

    The votes are transferred via Ajax requests to the server which increases the user experience greatly (the page does not have to be reloaded completely). You can add an intro text using a Joomla! language string and display statistics (overall rating and amount of votes) below the rating stars.

    JVE uses the external script 'star-rating-svg' for the modern, fresh look. The library is a flexible, lightweight star rating jQuery plugin that uses the SVG format.


    Joomla! 3 -


    The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

  25. Universal Chat

    Take your site with you, everywhere.

    See who visits you, anytime.

    Convert them to happy customers. Instantly.

    allows you to chat with your online customers from your mobile while they visit your website. You don't have to hire a support center to monitor your website 24/7 or worry about not being able to respond to clients; with Universal you can take your site with you, everywhere.

    Universal is installed on your and Universal works with them all, so you can use any interface that you like.

    Not just a LiveChat Service

    Universal is not just about a LiveChat extension to your website. It is tightly integrated with Piwik in order to offer real-time analytics:

    • You will instantly know when somebody is on your site. You can see where they are from, how they found you and what they are interested in
    • You can define goals, so you can engage at the right time. For instance if they visit a specific product, or if they stay for a long while on your site, you will know it is the right time to engage
    • You can call the customers - you dont need to wait for them to call you.
    • Increase trust. You are much more reliable and customers feel safer when they know you are there and they can call you easily
    • Get more leads. Research showed that Universal offered 20x more lead generation than any Contact us page, and we could connect to customers that were impossible without a LiveChat solution.
    • Decrease your costs. LiveChat costs ca. 40% less than phone. Also, you don't need to hire a dedicated staff - with Universal you can take your website with you anywhere you go.

    Features of Universal Chat

    Get Started For Free!

    No time limit. No hidden fees. Add Universal Chat to your website and get started today!

    The free plan has everything you need to get your business running.

    Based on Telegram

    No need to install any software - control everything through your Telegram account! Get notifications and messages and respond to clients without leaving the platform you use every day!

    Support Center

    The Business Plan enables you to setup group chats - you can have several operators on the watch to deal with the increasing number of visitors. Operators can easily pass customers to other operators, and the visitor will not notice a thing!

    A 24/7 LiveChat Solution

    Universal enables website-mobile communications - visitors can call you from the livechat system on the website while you can send the responses from your phone. This means you can reduce offline hours and offer customer service without hiring an extensive service support staff. You can now take care of your clients - anytime, from anywhere.

    Know What's Happening on Your Site

    Universal gives you the pulse of your website in real-time. Not only can you talk to your clients, but you can also see the visitors online, the pages they are visiting and the source where they came from, allowing you to step in efficiently to convert them to customers

    Proactive Chats

    With Universal, you don't have to wait for the visitors to call you - you can call them! Universal can alert you when users stay for too long on your website or when they visit certain pages, and you can step in to maximize the conversion rate.

    Piwik Integration

    Piwik is a great website analytics tool which offers you real-time information about your currently online visitors. Universal integrates with Piwik, allowing you to get full visitor profile: which country they are from, how they found your website and what pages they are visiting.

    Custom Visitor Alerts

    Want to know when customers visit a specific page or a specific product so you can engage with them? Piwik allows you to define "Goals", and Universal makes full use of this feature. Define goals in Piwik, and Universal will alert you on your Telegram as soon as they are triggered!

    Improve Your Efficiency

    Universal gives you constant, real-time reports. As such, you can easily learn:

    • Which pages are visited most? And which pages are not working well?
    • What are the most successful products?
    • Which issues need to be improved?
    • Are there any bugs, non-functioning parts or missing links on your website?

    The Best Solution For Mobile Phones

    Smartphones have a small display size by nature. This calls for solutions customized for phones to respond to user expectations. Universal allows customers to gracefully take their conversation to Facebook Messenger or Telegram if they prefer that to the web interface.

    Facebook Messenger

    If your visitors have Facebook Messenger installed, then calling you from there is just a tap away. Users can call you via the Messenger app, and you would get the messages on your Telegram! You are also able to reply to them from Telegram!

    Telegram Connection

    If your visitors have Telegram installed, then calling you from there is just a tap away. They can either call you directly on your channel, or Universal can alert you and send you the visitor's name. This scenario is useful if you have several operators who should be notified.

    Dedicate Operators

    Universal allows you to assign different operators to different web pages! This means you can have a one operator for the Products section, and a different operator for the Services section, effectively allowing you to improve customer service by assigning dedicated work force


    Worried about spam? Universal allows you to blacklist user IPs. Don't worry - we also offer an un-blacklisting command.

    Blacklisting can also be used on your own account to exclude your IP - so no false alerts are sent to operators when you are checking on your own website.

    Offline and Online

    For those who cannot offer 24/7 support - no worries. Take the chat offline with a single command and bring it back in the same way. Your visitors will see a notice that you are offline and typically wont expect responses from you, but they can leave their messages anyway.