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JLinker Facebook Tabs


JLinker Facebook Tabs allows you to quickly create and manage multiple Facebook Tabs filled up with data coming from Joomla or supported Joomla Extenions. JLinker Facebook Tabs is simple, multi-language, offers 7 themes and 3 layouts for the presentation of products and/or services.

JLinker Facebook Tabs comes with default parameters that will allow you to setup a Facebook Tab in a few seconds, without having to go into configuration details.

JLinker Facebook Tabs Tab for Virtuemart

In order to quickly create a Facebook Tab for your content, follow the instructions below
1. On the component page, click "New" in the toolbar in order to create a new Facebook Tab. In the FACEBOOK TAB section, give a name to you new Facebook Tab.

2. In the CATEGORIES section, select a language if required and also the categories you want to display in the Facebook Tab. Save and close the new Facebook Tab created.

3. In the Facebook Tabs list, you will see the tab you've just created. Click on the Facebook icon in the ADD TO FB column. Put your Facebook Page URL in the text field popup that will appear and click on the CHECK button. If the Facebook Page URL is valid, a SEND button will appear. Click on it to go to Facebook.

4. If you are not connected to your Facebook account, provide your credentials in order to connect to Facebook. Once connected to Facebook, a window will appear, asking you to choose the Facebook Page to which you want to send your data. Select the target page and click ADD.

5. Facebook will redirect you to the newly added JLinker Facebook Tabs Tab. The Facebook Tab needs to know where to get thet data from.
The process of providing your website url to the API should be done automatically by the JLinker Facebook Tabs. If the process fails for an unknown reason, you will have to provide your website manually.
In that case: in the text field, provide the URL of the website where your Virtuemart shop installed.
For example, we provided in the field in order to display the content of ourJoomla  content.
You can view some examples here:
JLinker Facebook Tabs live demo pages 


Maintenance mode
Please note that JLinker Facebook Tabs cannot work with Joomla in maintenance mode, as Joomla will then be blocking all comunications with the Facebook API.
Facebook Tabs management
JLinker Facebook Tabs allows you to create 1 tab per extension on a Facebook Page , but you can create multiple tabs for multiple Facebook Pages, or muliple extension tabs on the same Facebook Page.


Blank page when adding a Facebook Tab from the Joomla component
If you get a blank Facebook page when adding a JLinker Facebook Tabs (Step 8) , it's probably because your Facebook session has expired since you last connected. In the case you get a blank page, try to add the tab again from the Joomla component, after having logged out from your Facebook account.
How to rename your JLinker Facebook Tabs
The default name of the newly added tab will be "Tabs". If you want to give another name to you tab: 
1. Go to your Facebook Page
2. Click on the "More" tab on the Facebook Page
3. In the menu that will appear, click on "Manage Tabs" in order to give a new name to your JLinker Facebook Tab


JLinker Facebook Tabs has many other parameters you can play with in order to customize your Facebook Page.
Most of them are self explanatory, as they are sets of show/hide functions for the Joomla or Joomla Extension data.
* Name: Text
* Theme: Table, Grid, Slideshow)
* Layout: Gray, Orange, Blue, Red, Ocean, Green, Black
* Lightbox active: yes/no
* Show featured only: yes/no
* Show child products: yes/no
* Intro text: Text/HTML
* Footer text: Text/HTML
* Content language: Select a language if required
* Categories: Select the categories to display
Specific yes/no display options for the fields of the Joomla or Joomla Extension content you want to display
* Show information icon: yes/no
* Show description icon: yes/no
* Show short description: yes/no
* Short description max: number of characters
* Allow HTML in full description: yes/no