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JLinker Script Control

The JLinker Script Control package contains 2 extensions: a component with an interface for script management, and a plugin that inserts your scripts in the selected pages. Both extensions will be installed automatically when you upload the package through the Joomla installer.

JLinker Script Control allows you to insert Javascript and CSS code into your Joomla Pages, without having to go through the code files.
The script manager is very simple. Create a new script, copy/paste your CSS or Javascript code in the code text area and save.

The Javascript or CSS will then be executed on the pages you've selected.

JLinker Script Control

JLinker Script Control comes with a few simple parameters that will ease the process of inserting Javascript or CSS files into your Joomla pages.

JLinker Script Control CSS and Javascript parameters:
*Title: a title for the script (used in admin only)
*Comments: Comments about the code  (used in admin only)
*Code: the Javascript or CSS code you want to insert on a page
*Include on urls: pages on which the Javascript or CSS code should be executed
*Exclude on urls: pages on which the Javascript or CSS code should not be executed


Execute a script on all pages
If both the "Include on urls" and "Exclude on urls" fields are empty, the Javascript or CSS code will be executed on all pages.

Disable a script
If you don't want the script to be executed at all, you should disable it using the standard publish/unpublish button for the said script.

Include or exclude the home page
In order to include or exclude the home page for a script, use index.php after the domain name.
All scripts are included at the end of the loading process, making sure that your script will always be executed.

JLinker Script Control is a very simple extension but we believe it's a real time saver when it comes to applying adjustments to your website.
No need to run through multiple files and read a lot of code in order to find the right place to place a script. JLinker Script Control will do the job for you!